ABC's of Defensible Document Review & eDisclosure

 Managing the collection, processing, analysis and review of ESI

Cross Border

With a dedicated team showcasing FTSE 100 and both Magic Cirle and Silver Cirle Law Firms experience, FRONTEO leverages its global and local expertise to provide timely and transparent staffing and review management.

Business Intelligence

Power your understanding of eDisclosure projects by analyzing key metrics such as project status, user performance, legal spend, and more!

Secure Hosting

FRONTEO offers robust, flexible, and scalable web-hosting solutions that eliminate the difficulties of managing data and allow you to focus on your core, daily business operations.

What industry experts are saying…

“FRONTEO’s ability to extract business intelligence from data adds considerably to the client’s understanding, going far beyond the mere mechanics of eDisclosure. It enables predictability of outcome, timelines and cost, and brings the potential to anticipate problems rather than merely react to them.”

Chris Dale, eDisclosure Information Project

FRONTEO services and software can help to mitigate current and future legal risks.

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